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Enriched with natural ingredients from the Mediterranean Sea to the surrounding mountains of the Southern Alps, Eudoxia skincare offers an exceptional beauty ritual to prevent and act against signs of aging.

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It’s among the wealth of this generous nature that active elements of plants have been selected for their ancestral benefits.

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“There is no part of this district which may not be visited by a good walker, within a day’s excursion, and by an early start one may be among the larches, the gentians and the Edelweiss on a summer morning, and in the evening gather Oleander and Pancratium near the sea. It would be difficult to find another region of equal size with a richer or more varied flora, and after some ten years botanical expeditions I have collected over 1700 species of vascular plants.”


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Eudoxia Skincare

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Discover the heritage of a family established for centuries in a region of outstanding flora extending from the shores of the Mediterranean Sea to the highest peaks of the “Vallée des Merveilles and Fontanalba” in the Southern Alps.

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