The brand


The origins

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During the 13th century, the Byzantine princess Eudoxia Lascaris married the Lord of Ventimiglia, Tende and La Brigue whose lordship stretched from the shores of the French Riviera to the highest peaks of the “Vallée des Merveilles“.

She discovered this exceptional climate between sea and mountains, the cradle of a unique floral wealth which she used the benefits to preserve its beauty and youth.


During the early 20th century, an English pastor: Clarence Bicknell, member of the University of Cambride and recognized botanist, settled on these same lands of the Counts Alberti della Briga to build the Villa Fontanalba, the place from which he studied the local flora and which he adorned the walls with floral paintings remain the witness of his wonder for this extraordinary nature.

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Immersed in the heart of this family legacy, Theodore Alberti della Briga, admirer of his region and initiated from an early age to the appreciation of plants and their virtues by his mother Roberta Breteuil, collaborated with a French laboratory in order to recreate the benefits of this nature by selecting the active elements of plants in accordance with the progress of modern science by creating the brand Eudoxia skincare.

The formulation

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Selected from botanical directories of thousands of existing plants in this region extending from the French Riviera to over 3000 meters of altitud in the space of a few kilometers, natural ingredients used for their ancestral virtues recognized for centuries have been assembled by experts to create formulas effectively meeting the needs of the skin.

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