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liposomes-galleryLiposomes allow to encapsulate compounds that are soluble in water or in oil within a natural structure that is biologically compatible with the skin, which resembles a membrane that imitates the cells of a living organism.

Acting as a microscopic pouch closed encapsulating active ingredients, the liposome slowly diffuses the ingredients that it contains, allowing a prolonged action as well as the protection of the encapsulated assets.

Thanks to their unique structure and composition, liposomes are used to boost the effectiveness of cosmetic products. Manufactured on the basis of elements and through natural processes, they benefit from an ecological character.

They increase the penetration of encapsulated cosmetic active ingredients by forming a reservoir within the epidermis, thus extending the action and benefits of these active ingredients.

They also allow a better hydration of the skin by sharing the water that they contain with the epidermis and by restoring the water retention capacity of the stratum corneum.

It is important to delicately apply the cosmetic care comprising liposomes in order not to burst them before penetration into the epidermis and to allow an optimal diffusion of the encapsulated assets.

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