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The Complete Ritual

soin-complet-galleryThe very first line of EUDOXIA Skincare  named LYS DE FONTANALBA is composed of 7 beauty treatments that can suit any type of skin around a complete skincare ritual in a few successive stages.

1/ Cleansing : Floral Cleanser

This first cleansing step of the Eudoxia Complete Ritual is essential to the preparation of the skin before applying a skincare treatment. The Floral Cleanser will assume perfectly the role of soft cleanser and make up remover. In application morning and evening using a cotton on the face and around the eyes, it will purify the skin of non-waterproof makeup as well as all impurities accumulated over the hours. No need to rinse, you can let the extracts of sweet almond oil, Rose and Blue Iris that will leave your skin soft, soothed and toned. A sensation of freshness and purity will emerge, a sign that your skin is ready to receive the benefits of the Lys de Fontanalba ritual.

2/ Relaxation : Refreshing Mask

When a day has been stressful and tiring or you have been exposed to unusual climatic or environmental conditions, your skin may feel it. The Refreshing Mask enriched with Honey will relax and relieve the skin from these external aggressions.
Apply a uniform layer of the Refreshing Mask on the face and neck for 5 to 10 minutes before rinsing, you will recover the well-being and comfort that makes you feel beautiful before going out for the Evening or just before enjoying a moment of relaxation.

3/ Regeneration : Regenerating Serum

Firming and restructuring action of Regenerating Serum will boost your skin. Rich in Hyaluronic Acid, Royal Jelly, Extracts of Rosemary and Seaweed, a few drops of Regenerating Serum will offer an intense regeneration for the most tired skins before the application of the Lys de Fontanalba skincare cream of your choice.

4/ Look & Smile : Eye & Lip Contour Cream

The look and the smile make the charm and the beauty. Do not let fine lines, dark circles, pockets damage these precious assets. The Eye and Lip Contour cream will help prevent and alleviate the appearance of these signs of the time. Apply morning and night a small amount of cream on the edges of the eyes and lips by light massages from the inner corner to the outer corner and let in the blueberry extracts that will soothe the eyes, extracts of brown seaweed and Vitamin E virtues Anti-oxidants and hyaluronic acid that will provide the necessary hydration.

5/ Hydratation : Triple Action Cream / Global Anti-Aging Cream / Hand & Nail Cream

The Triple Action Cream or The Global Anti-Aging Cream can assume this central role of the skincare ritual by smoothing the cream by light massages.

The Triple Action Cream has a lighter texture, ideal in the morning application as a day cream, it will bring the necessary hydration thanks to hyaluronic acid. The honey will bring the sensation of comfort and softness and the alpine rhododendron will contribute to the vitality of the epidermis and the reinforcement of skin barrier to protect against external aggressions (pollution, climatic changes).

The Global Anti-Aging possesses a richer texture, ideal in application in the evening like night cream and / or in the morning for the skins in lack of hydration. Rich in extracts of mauve, mimosa and raspberry seeds, it will restore firmness and suppleness and reduce wrinkles as the days pass.

The Hand & Nail Cream will moisturise your hands at any time of the day by light massages emphasizing the outline of the nails. Extracts of olive leaf and sweet almond oil will preserve the softness and beauty of the hands.

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